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"The Amazing Brain"

1. Reduce EMF exposure as much as possible for a better working brain.
2. A liver detox affects the hormones in the body, thereby affecting anxiety and depression.
3. Oxygen is one of the brain's main foods.
4. Each neuron fires on average about 20 times per second.
5. The axon is the main exit for information being transmitted by the neurons.
6. Pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, and nuts are not recommended for a healthy and better working brain.
7. Vit. B6 helps to prevent senility and Alzheimer's.
8. The astounding storage capacity of the brain is made possible by sophisticated intricate pathways.
9. Combining the two cortical skills of words and images multiplies your intellectual power but also creates order and structure to thinking.
10. Good posture also decreases the supply of blood to the brain.

"Dementia and Cognitive Decline"

11. Sex hormones are important markers to keep in balance.
12. Ginko Biloba is a supplement to support brain function.
13. Detoxification cannot be done through the gut and/or the skin.
14. Music is an excellent form of therapy; the brain can't forget music as it is 'stored' inside the memory control areas of the brain.
15. Multi-infarct dementia is the second most common cause of dementia.
16. The main symptoms of Frontotemporal dementia are of behaviour and language changes.
17. The inflammation in the gut can lead to leaky gut syndrome and hyper-permeability of the gut.
18. Vascular dementia is also known as the diabetes of the brain.
19. Aluminium, mercury and lead are the main neurotoxins and are stored in fat tissues.
20. A diet low in organic vegetables and good fats will be beneficent for brain health.
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