Become a member
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Become a member

Membership of the South African Reflexology Society [TSARS]

Become a member

TSARS provides members with a competitive advantage because they become informed members of the Therapeutic Reflexology profession and there are various CPD opportunities to maintain professional proficiency.

  • Membership is voluntary and there are four categories of membership.
  • Membership is subject to satisfaction of the requirements and benefits awarded.
  • CPD Events are only open to Full and Student Members.


The TSARS CPD events include annual National Congresses,  AGMs  and CPD events at TSARS Branches: Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Stellenbosch.

  • Continuing Professional Development [CPD]: It is a requirement for AHPCSA registered therapists to accumulate
    40 CEUs [points] per  2 year cycle.


  • 1 October to 30 September each year.
  • Statement for renewal of membership is issued in October each year.


  • Application Form: Complete and submit Application Form on TSARS website.


  • Full membership of the UK association is also available to TSARS members practising in the UK.

Full Membership

 Full Member, on approval by the society, shall be a therapeutic reflexologist that is registered with the AHPCSA.



Access to TSARS Website Resources:

  • TSARS Journal
  • Multiple Choice Questionnaires [MCQ]. The  MCQ can be completed and submitted on the website to obtain CEUs.


Certificate of TSARS Membership: [1 CEU per year – AHPCSA CPD Cycle 2 years.]


CPD Events:

  • Full members discount to attend or participate in TSARS CPD Events.


Find a TR Therapist: Your name will be placed in the register on TSARS website under the Province where you are resident.


Networking: Members use the incredible opportunity at CPD events to network with each other and listen to the experiences of speakers.


Newsletter: Receipt of professional information per newsletter or e-mail.


Serving the Reflexology profession:

  • You can be an active member on TSARS National and/or Branch committee in helping TSARS to improve your profession as a healthcare profession.
  • CEUs are allocated to various positions on the committees for serving at National and/or Branch levels.
  • It can also be very rewarding to share your professional knowledge.


Voting: The right to vote at National and Branch meetings.


Professional Advice: TSARS office can be contacted to obtain professional advice.


Membership Fees:

  • Registration Fee New Member, on application for membership   R  75
  • Full member                                                                                            R750
  • Veteran member [over the age of 70 years]                                      R220

Student Member Registered with the AHPCSA


  • TSARS Journal
  • Discounts on TSARS CPD Events

Membership Fee:

  • Registration Fee [New member]                                                          R  75
  • Membership Fees                                                                                   R420

Affiliate member/Friend member

Affiliate Member/Friend Member: Reflexologists or persons interested in reflexology, but not registered with AHPCSA, on approval by the society, shall possess limited rights and privileges.



Access to TSARS Website Resources:

  • TSARS Journal


Membership Fee

  • Affiliate Veteran [over the age of 70 years]                                         R220
  • Affiliate Qualified as a reflexologist – in/outside S.A.                         R650
  • Friend member Person who has an interest in reflexology             R650

Professional Associations

International Professional Associations that have an interest in Reflexology, on approval by the society, shall possess limited rights and privileges.



  • TSARS Journal


Membership Fee                                                           No payment