National Diploma, Therapeutic Reflexology

The qualifications for the National Diploma: Allied Health Therapies as registered with SAQA indicates that the qualification for therapeutic reflexology falls into the sub-field “Promotive Health, Developmental Service, Preventive Health, Curative Health and Rehabilitative health”.

Training institutions

TSARS is not affiliated to any reflexology training institution but learners of an accredited institution may become student members of TSARS. For approved providers of education and training in Allied Health Professions, visit TSARS Link or the website: or contact Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa [AHPCSA] Private Bag X 4, Queenswood 0121 61 Rose Street, Riviera Pretoria, 0084 Tel: 012 329 4001 Fax: 012 329 2279 E-mail: Website:*** *** Click HERE to open AHPCSA site

Diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology

Students trained at training institutions registered with the AHPCSA obtain a Diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology. Once they are registered they may use the title Therapeutic Reflexologist. Current training consists of a two-year diploma course in therapeutic reflexology. The syllabus includes the following: Major subjects: Anatomy and Physiology; Pathology and Pathophysiology; Practical Therapeutic Reflexology and Theoretical Therapeutic Reflexology. Ancillary subjects: Business and Practice Management; Bio-Ethics and Jurisprudence (Patient Charter, Patient Consent etc.); Patient Care (communication skills), Nutrition Management and HIV/Aids Policy; First Aid

Registration to practice therapeutic reflexology

Having met the criteria to qualify for the Diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology, the graduate must apply to the Allied Health Professions Council of S.A. for registration before they may pracitise for gain.