About Us

As a national professional society, TSARS was established in 1985…

• to develop and promote an awareness and understanding of reflexology within the communities;

• to represent the interests of the reflexology profession within the public and political arena;

• to maintain a high level of professional practice;

Logo_in_ovaal_web• to serve and protect the needs of all members within the national structure;

• to act as a central information and resource body for all members;

• to act as an advisory body within the jurisdiction of the national body;

• to promote co-operation with international reflexology bodies; and

• to provide ongoing professional development for members and a supportive network for reflexologists.

Our Mission

As an independent entity TSARS acts in the interest of its members and on professional matters relating to reflexology.

The Society has been instrumental in gaining statutory recognition for therapeutic reflexology from the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA). In 2007 TSARS registered as a non-profit making organisation [053-289-NPO].


TSARS is managed by a National Executive Committee consisting of elected office-bearers and branch chairpersons. Positions are honorary.


Each executive member is responsible for one or more of the following portfolios:
Administration; Branch Management; Congress; Finance; Journal; Legal Matters; Public Relations and Liaison (with the Allied Health Professions Council and other statutory bodies).


An appointed part-time administration officer in TSARS head office deals with the general administration of TSARS, queries from members and the public via e-mail and telephone and is responsible for the updating of information on TSARS’s website.


The National Executive Committee has monthly meetings via the internet (MIRC) and reports are submitted on portfolio activities. Annual reports are submitted at the Annual General Meetings.


As a national professional body, TSARS is committed to activities which include the following:

Information: Members are assisted with their queries regarding the profession and practice.

Website: The public utilizes the website of TSARS to obtain information and contact details of registered therapeutic reflexologists. (www.sareflexology.org.za)

Promotion of the profession: TSARS regularly promotes therapeutic reflexology as a profession by means of the national media, i.e. articles; TV and radio talks, editorials and advertisements.

Liaison: TSARS liaises with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa, the Professional Board of Therapeutic Reflexology and any other relevant statutory body or organization.

Professional Practice: TSARS aims to uphold and further the standing of the profession among TSARS members.

Annual General Meetings (AGM): Annual General Meetings play a vital role in the organization of TSARS where the National Chairperson, National Treasurer and Branch Chairpersons submit their reports.

National Congress: National Congresses are held every second year. The first took place in 1991 in Durban. National and international speakers address members on the latest developments in the profession and numerous workshops are held. The Congress also affords all members from across South Africa the opportunity to meet and network.

Branch Meetings/Workshops: Branches of TSARS in Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Pretoria arrange regular meetings/workshops. Therapists have the opportunity to discuss case studies and to listen to different speakers on various topics relating to health care.

Journals: The Journal aims to keep members informed, inspired, encouraged and enlightened. It highlights developments in the profession, both on the national and international level, and provides information on other health related issues and forthcoming events.


TSARS is not affiliated to any reflexology training institution

For more information visit the website of AHPCSA for registered training intuitions http://www.ahpcsa.co.za/Training.